Super Girlies (Japanese: スーパー・ガーリース, lit. 'Sūpā Gārīsu') are an Indonesian girl group formed in 2011. The group is based in Bandung, composed of Atu, Kinang, Laras, Mega, and Sarah. The past members of the group were Opie, Rey, Uty and Yui, whom left to pursue solo projects or retired. The group is signed to 18 Musik record label since their formation in 2011. Super Girlies are mainly a Dance-pop and J-pop-influenced girl group, with their outfits heavily influenced by Harajuku fashion style. The group also released Dangdut singles, usually cover versions of well-known dangdut songs with teen pop arrangement. After releasing multiple singles since 2011, the group released their first album, Semangat, in 2015.

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